Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Handling of Personal Information

The Shiretoko Tourist Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, and will comply with the related laws, guidelines, etc., and take adequate measures to protect and manage the valuable information entrusted to us by our customers, to fulfill our responsibility toward protecting personal information.

  • We will comply with the related laws, guidelines, industry regulations and industry norms in order to adequately protect personal information.
  • We will acquire personal information only for business purposes, and utilize or supply it within the limits provided for that purpose.
  • We will appoint a information privacy manager to adequately protect and manage all personal information.
  • We will take the necessary precautions to prevent the leakage, tampering, destruction and loss, etc. of personal information.
  • When requested by the customer to display, disclose or make corrections, etc. to the personal information, we will comply in accordance with prescribed procedures.
  • We will conduct audits on a regular basis and perform continuous reviews to protect personal information.

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Handling of Personal Information

  • Our company and trustee travel agencies listed on the pamphlet (the "Dealers"), regarding personal information submitted with the travel application, besides being used to contact the customer, will be provided to the respective transport and accommodation companies to provision the delivery of necessary services and travel arrangements.
    ※In addition, our Company and Dealers may use your personal information for the following: (1) Direct mail products and services, sales campaign information. (2) Request for feedback after completion of trip. (3) Online surveys. (4) Provision of benefits, services. (5) Preparation of statistical information.
    ※Our customers can only apply for services if the conditions for handling of personal information is agreed upon.
  • Personal information obtained from customers include the name, date of birth, age, gender, address, telephone number, passport number, e-mail address, mailing address, etc. This information is only used for purposes to make the necessary travel arrangements.
  • In order to make the necessary travel arrangements, personal information as stated in item (2) will be provided to the respective transport and accommodation companies by electronic means.
  • For the convenience of customers to shop at the travel destination, etc., personal information in the possession of our company may be shared with DFS Galeria Okinawa (Duty Free Shop) and other souvenir shops and luggage handling companies. In this case, the customer's name, flight number, flight date, address and other related information will be sent electronically to the abovementioned parties. Also, if the customer does not wish his or her personal information to be shared with these parties, requests must be made before the commencement of the trip.
  • For goods advertised through direct mail, personal information may be provided to trustee companies, albeit through strict security measures to ensure privacy.
  • The display, modification, adding, deleting, termination of usage or deletion of personal information must follow the necessary procedures, and requests must be made to the contact window below. In this case, we will follow the laws and internal procedures and take the necessary measures without delay. If all or some of the requests cannot be met, the reason will be provided.
  • In the event that personal information has been leaked, we will inform the affected customer directly, and temporarily disable the affected database system until data safety can be confirmed, or promptly display a message on our company home page regarding the incident.

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Contact window for enquiries or complaints on personal information

  • For enquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the following:
    Shiretoko Tourist Co., Ltd.
    TEL 0152-25-2642
    FAX 0152-25-2643
  • When complaints regarding personal information cannot be resolved between the customer and our company, assistance can be requested from the following Association to resolve the issue.
    All Nippon Travel Association (ANTA) Consumer Consultation Branch (In charge of Privacy Protection)
    TEL 03−5401−6300

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